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A lightning protection system provides valuable protection for your
home and family. These protection systems do not repel or attract
lightning. Instead, they intercept the harmful electrical charge and
dissipate it safely into the ground.

A lightning protection system is money
well spent to protect your large investment
in your home, appliances and computer
equipment. It’s a wise fiscal decision that
can also avoid the agony of losing
irreplaceable family treasures and trouble
of dealing with the lightning damage.
Properly designed and installed
lightning protection systems include:

• Air Terminals
• Conductor (cables)
• Bonds
• Ground Terminations
• Surge Arrestors

These components are needed to ensure
a complete and effective system. Yet, they do not have to negatively
impact the aesthetic beauty of a home. Many air terminals are similar
in size to a pencil and difficult to see when you get far enough away
from the house.


Lightning protection systems are definitely not do-it-yourself
projects. These systems should be installed by experience and
specially trained professionals who are listed with UL and certified
by the Lightning Protection Institute. Most insurance companies
offer premium savings but only when the systems are installed by
certified installers.

All materials and installation methods used by Guardian Equipment
Company comply with nationally recognized safety standards of the
Lightning Protection Institute, UL and National Fire Protection

If you have questions or would like an estimate to protect your
home from a lightning strike, please click here or call 248-449-5200.