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•  We engineer and design lightning protections and grounding
   systems, utilization the newest CAD software which
   incorporates the latest safety standards and specifications
   established by Lightning Protection Institute (LPI 175),
   Underwriters Laboratories (U/L96A) and the National Fire
   Protection Association (NFPA 780).
•  All engineers/designers are LPI certified LPI-certified Master
   Installer Designers (MID).
•  Prepare project budgets

•  Guardian Equipment Company is a listed/certified installer with
   LPI and UL
•  All installers are licensed & certified by the LPI
•  All Installations meet UL 96A, NFPA 780 and LPI 175 lightning
   protection standards Inspection
•  We conduct, third-party, nationally recognized certified

•  We analyze and test lightning, grounding, surge protection
   systems to determine the optimum protection.

•  Design & engineering
•  Site inspections & analysis
•  Investigate & evaluate lightning related problems
•  Recommend solutions

•  Conduct lightning presentations and seminars for architects
   and engineers
•  Certified to lead the American Institute of Architects Continuing
   Education course
•  Conduct AIA accredited training for lightning protection and
   grounding systems
•  School and college presentations and lectures