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THOR GUARD is the world’s leading manufacture of lightning prediction
and lightning warning systems. Since 1972, THOR GUARD uses a highly
sophisticated sensor and computer to measure and analyze the electrostatic
field in the atmosphere.
Lightning originates within this field, thus allowing
THOR GUARD to make calculations predicting its occurrence, even though
there may be no visible evidence of lightning.


Lightning "detection" systems require the occurrence of an actual lightning
strike before a warning is given. Many times this is just too late. Coupled
with Thor Guard’s PREDICTION capability with the Voice of THOR, an
interactive horn warning system, and you have a true, automatic advance
warning package second to none!


THOR GUARD is the only stand-alone lightning warning device used by the
LPGA, the PGA Tour, Sr. PGA Tour, Nike Tour, most USGA section and
many local sections of the PGA of America. It’s the choice of Marriott Golf,
The PGA Tournament Player's Clubs, ABC Television Sports, the Mobile
Weather Team and the Atlanta Summer Olympics. The
flexibility of our system not only accommodates private golf
facilities needing plenty of advance warning (20 or more
minutes), but also public facilities looking at only 8 to 18


Guardian -Thor Guard
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minutes warning to insure revenue flow. THOR GUARD'S
PREDICTION capability also minimizes false alarms,
a significant departure from detection systems that are
prone to unnecessary and costly shutdowns.                              



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