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Philip E. Youtsey
You won’t find many people more involved with the lightning protection industry than
Phil Youtsey. Since his father was an electrical contractor in the Detroit area, Phil
literally grew-up in the electrical business. At an early age, he learned how to wire
homes and buildings according to the state electrical code and attained his Michigan Journeyman’s License. After college, Phil went to work as an engineer for Fishback &
Moore Electrical Group, one of the country’s largest commercial and industrial electrical
contractors. Seven years later, he accepted a position as lead estimator and project
manager for RV Electrical, the parent company of Guardian Equipment Company.

Within a short time, Phil began working on lightning protection projects. He really liked
the project work, staff and customers and the idea of helping to protect people
and property. So in 1992, when an opportunity arose to purchase Guardian Equipment Company, he bought the company.

As he expanded the business, Phil understood the importance of quality standards so
he became active within the lightning protection industry:
•  Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) – Board of Directors since 1997
•  United Lightning Protection Association (ULPA) – Board of Directors since 2000
•  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – Elected in 2012 as LPI Board of
   Directors liaison to NFPA 780 Technical Committee
•  Lightning Protection Institute’s Inspection Program (LPI-IP) – President since
   founding in 2010
•  Lightning Safety Alliance – trained and authorized to present the American Institute
   of Architects Continuing Education course. Lightning Protection Basics, since 2004
•  LPI-certified Master Installer Designer (MID) – qualified since 1997 to survey a
   building or set of plans to determine the basic lightning protection system configuration,
   design the system, supply blueprints and specify materials for installation. The MID is
   the highest level for individuals involved in contracting lightning protection work.
•  American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System – approved provider

Guardian Equipment Company clients can feel confident with Phil’s 25+ years of
experience in the electrical and lightning protection business and his industry leadership.