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Guardian Equipment Company, Michigan’s largest lightning protection company,
serves every type and size of public and private client around the Midwest and the
nation. Since 1953, we have provided expert services as consultants, designers,
engineers, or installers on projects that range in size from small golf course rain shelters
to the giant Daimler Chrysler World Headquarters. To get an idea of our scope of
commercial and public projects, please visit the Client page. Our systems also protect
families and homes from the trauma and destruction caused by a lightning strike.

In addition to our experience and training, our involvement with the lightning protection
industry provides an extra level of assurance.

Philip E. Youtsey, president of Guardian Equipment Company, is certified (Certification
No. 1028) as a Master Installer/ Designer (MID) by the Lightning Protection Institute
(LPI). The MID is the highest level for individuals involved in contracting lightning
protection work. He is also a board member of the LPI, United Lightning Protection
Association (ULPA) and on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 780
Technical Committee.

The Guardian Equipment Company team of LPI-certified Master Installers (MI) are
skilled and knowledgeable craftsman who can select and schedule materials according
to specifications, layout a project, supervise workmanship, inspect work to blueprints,
codes and standards.

Our expertise also includes transient voltage surge suppression requirements for power,
data and communication systems, as well as grounding system applications.
Our Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listing number is OWAY.E9158.

For more information about our company and team, please Contact us.